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RUFF - FUR - ALL Program!

RYP is excited to announce the new RUFF - FUR - ALL program...(that's "referral" for those that don't speak pun).

Here is how it works: If you complete a RYP foundational stay-and-train immersion obedience program (typically 2-4 weeks...see more about that program here) and later tell a friend...then THEY book a foundational stay-and-train immersion obedience program...then YOU get a FREE private lesson!

Whoa a FREE lesson!? What can I do with that? Well...

Wanna brush up on skills?

- We can do obedience refreshers

- We can setup specific scenarios to work through

- We can do obstacle work and tricks

Wanna learn some working dog stuff?

- We can do an intro to tracking/trailing

- We can do an intro to nose work

- We can do an intro to bite work

Wanna do something fun and Missoula-esque?

- Let's take the climb command and apply it to riding on a paddle board or riding in a bike trailer!

Bottom line - the sky is the limit! This is your FREE lesson, use it as you like. RYP is extremely grateful for all the positive chatter about the program and this is our way of saying thank you :)

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