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RYP ROLL CALL : October Block

Anyone that drives to the property right now will be greeted with a gateway of fall colors all the way down the valley. The RYP dojo Woodstove has awoken from its summertime hibernation and things are busy at RYP. We wrapped our first intro to bird hunting seminar last weekend and have another group of dog trainers traveling in from around the country (even Hong Kong) to attend NePoPo®️ New Gold School later this month. 2 teams from our working dog group are headed to Utah to compete this weekend and, my son, Smith, turns 4 the week after that (not dog related but important info nonetheless).

Joining us on the property right now is a wonderful group of dogs in for their board and train programs. Some have traveled a good distance to be here as well. A new board and train traveling record was just set this block with one client coming all the way from north central North Dakota to be here (about 13 hour drive). Meet this month’s board and train students:


MOWGLI : Saint Bernard

ARLO : Golden Retriever

JAKE : Poodle


BLUE : Mix

CHARLIE : Border Collie

CLIFFORD : GSD (from North Dakota)


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