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Wonderful week teaching NePoPo®️ in Arizona

AZ NePoPo®️ New Gold School with Joe Hodge and Chris Williams is officially in the books.

This driven group of students descended on Arizona from all around the country. Before they road tripped, their journey started online in our private chat forum. Introductions were made, homework was assigned and discussions were underway.

After landing in AZ we got right to it…role play and discussions of nepopo®️ alphabet paired with rounds of working dogs and group AARs.

Each day offered a new story and lesson that layered off the last. The week was also broken up with discussions on predatory sequence, play as a reinforcer, bite work, detection & tracking/trailing to illustrate the linking systems of NePoPo®️ with pets AND working dogs.

Students also engaged in small business discussion and project management as it relates to the dog training industry.

The week wrapped with a final exam that Joe and I decided to ‘dress up’ with unique challenges catered to each student. I’ll leave it at that 🤣.

This amazing group came to Arizona with the perfect attitude. They exhibited ignition and toughness while also creating a wonderful and supportive learning culture. As teachers, we couldn’t ask for a better recipe for an epic week that wrapped with drinks, top golf ⛳️ and stories we won’t soon forget.

Cannot wait to see what each of these graduates does with their NePoPo®️ ingredients. Goes without saying…but I’ll say it anyway - we are so proud to call each of these driven trainers friends & peers in this industry.

A huge thank you Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon for all you do and creating the NePoPo®️ system and being master coaches. You’d be proud of this group. They crushed it.

Everyone - Again, thank you for a great week 🙏 Safe travels getting home and…remember…it all starts with 🫵 ATTITUDE

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