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RYP is excited to announce our new location and training facility! We needed room to expand so we jumped across the valley and over the river landing in a beautiful location that boasts a temperature controlled facility, fenced in acreage and a 'backyard' that includes miles of prime Montana backcountry...a lovely stage for working K9s...

Tomorrow the doors officially open and the roster is stacked with a full house of K9s in for different levels of training...

From this location, in addition to the foundational stay and train obedience programs, stay tuned for updates on new offerings and events at RYP:

- Tracking/Trailing/Manhunting - Shedhunting - Bite work/sport (really want to get a PSA club going here...) - Nose work - Gun desensitization - Obstacle course work and confidence building - Mushing...(Dreaming here a bit but I miss running sleddogs)

As always, all RYP programs begin with a FREE in person at the RYP clubhouse ;)

Time to work some dogs...

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