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RYP ROLL CALL 02/06/19


Some new faces around the prop this week kicking off their obedience/rehabilitation programs. If this steady cold and snow continues I may be training ALL of them to collect firewood and pull a dogsled...

ZOEY (Shepherd X): Zoey made the trip down from Kalispell for her foundational obedience program. As you can tell from her 'blue steel' focus look she digs the work and is rapidly excelling with her skills.

BASIL (Hound X): Big boy Basil is starting his foundational leash work this week. Primary scope of his program is to calmly work with his owner on leash and create moments of quiet...a desire I am sure many hound owners can relate to ;)

MAX (GSD): Max is in from Montana GermanShepherd BelgianMalinois Rescue. This poor guy has had a rough go of things with a checkered past in and out of rescues. He arrived at RYP yesterday to develop skills that will make his transition to a new forever home go more smoothly. Although his default reaction to new people is stress/fear aggression he is coming around quickly. Will be easing into things with him here while patiently teaching him the value of working WITH a human to facilitate his security/belonging needs :)

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